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Invest in your investment, Do's and Dont's

Have you ever wondered how you can make your home attractive to all buyers? And wish you could have a professional share their expertise with you? Well, you've come to the right place. I've been able to help my clients increase the value of their home far more than they expected.

#1 DO is to fix anything that is broken or not working.

#2 DO update kitchen/batchrooms and in return you may get an 85% return on this investment. Quick fixes before you sell always pay off at the end. Your kitchen may only need a fresh coat of paint or reface the kitchen cabinets.

#3 Declutter and organize your belongings.

#4 De-personalize- The more personal pic in your home, the less buyers can picture themselves in the home.

#5 Its important to make your space feeling warm and welcome -put some plants/flowers outside/inside of the house and

#6 Smelling nice -Your space is their space now that you have buyers welcomed into your home

#7 Clean, Clean Clean! - No matter how nice the interior of your home looks, the buyer will always judge your home to cleanliness and maybe even consider not buying your home. Trust me this does happen!

One thing to keep in mind is focus on what needs to be done. 

There are things that sellers tend to focus on unnecessary upgrades such as over the top lanscaping or spending too much on high quality upgrades on the interiors.

Very simple, Highlight your home's strengths, minimize it's weaknesses, and your home will appeal to prospective buyers in no time.

With my client's efforts i was able to help them with their kitchen design and many other things right before they listed their home.


Hope you find my article very helpful, please share your insights! 




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